Et Voila Bistro is a top priority in surfing the internet, and we have made great efforts to make it accessible to people with disabilities.

What is accessible site ?

An accessible site is a convenient, friendly and accessible site for people with disabilities, disabilities and people who have difficulty operating the computer and the Internet.

An accessible site allows all users to surf quickly and conveniently and enjoy the best content and services offered on the site.

Use the accessibility menu

To activate the accessibility menu, click on the black button on the bottom left side of the screen that looks like this:


When you click the button, an accessibility menu will open with a utility.

In addition, the site supports navigating using the keyboard keys by pressing the TAB and SHIFT + TAB buttons. You can switch between the elements forward / backward

Operating systems and browsers

The site has been tested in Windows and OSX in browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox in their latest versions

Reporting inaccessible content

In spite of all our efforts, some of the pages may be less accessible. We work to implement them. If you find an inaccessible page, we will work with you to remedy them.


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