Due to our ongoing reduced capacity seating, reservations are strongly recommended. Walk-ins are welcome depending on availability. Please be aware that your time limit at your table starts at the time of your reservation. We will most likely NOT be able to extend your time if you are running late. We appreciate your timeliness and your understanding.

  • Please be aware that due to the popularity of our patio, it books up one week in advance during weekdays and two weeks during weekends. If you do not see an outdoor dining option when you make your reservation it is due to the fact that the partio is already fully booked. 
  • We still have not reopen fully our restaurant to 100% capacity. Due to our limited seating capacity please be aware that tables are reserved for 90 minutes for parties of 2 and 120 minutes for parties of 3 and up. We kindly ask you to be considerate of those time limits and plan accordingly so we may seat on time reservations booked after you.
  • Only service dogs with their tags and certifications are allowed in our patio in order to respect the San Diego Health Department regulations. 


Tuesday-Thursday 4.30pm to 9pm

Friday-Saturday: 4.30pm to 9.30pm

Sunday: 4.30pm to 8pm

Closing hours might change depending on business

Monday: CLOSED


Sunday to Thursday 4:30pm to 7pm (Fri-Sat.6pm)


Happy hour is served at the bar ONLY